About us

• Young People In Business Initiative -YPIBI was formed in 2011 by Mordecai Ndlovu, Founder after coming back from Britain and finding it hard to get a decent job, he realised that there still needs to be a lot of innovation and development that needs to go into the development of youth entrepreneurship.

• On 5 March 2012, YPIBI was registered as an official NGO under the Department of Social Development.

• YPIBI seeks to develop the cultural mindset of youth Entrepreneurship in the country through collaborative development amongst youth for the youth venture and idea developing programs.



National Youth Day Campaign is a programs we wish to take across not only South Africa but the whole of the continent of Africa as a campaign to build a culture of youth entrepreneurship amongst young people. In South Africa June is a youth month this making this month a perfect time to propose this historic day proposed by the youth and YPIBI Also is proposing 3 June to be Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Day